Brian Picklo has established matrix Grappling for the promotion, and development of the grappling arts in and around the Oklahoma City area.  Grappling can be defined as, the sport of hand-to-hand combat between unarmed contestants who, by using leverage and balance, try to throw each other to the ground. Matrix Grapplers will have the opportunity to study and learn the fundamental martial arts of Wrestling, Submission Wrestling, and Judo. Brian is a Sandan, or Third Degree Black Belt in the sport of Judo. Brian was also a two time NCAA Division I All-American in the sport of Wrestling, at Michigan State University.  Brian has also won numerous tournaments in Jiu Jitsu at the Black Belt level. Brian is currently a Sergeant with the Oklahoma City Police Department where he is a Defensive Tactics Instructor. Brian is currently studying Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under World Black Belt Champion Rafael Lovato Jr.

MATRIX GRAPPLING is a diverse and inclusive club, incorporating the many varied aspects of Judo, wrestling and jiu jitsu.  The goal of the instructors of MATRIX is to help you get what you want and what you need out of these arts, and to put back into them what you can.

The curriculum of Matrix is on the foundation of Judo. The other types of martial arts demonstrated and taught will be used within the framework of Judo. This is designed for the purpose of developing a completely balanced and fundamentally sound system of grappling.

As a consequence, we have a club that welcomes those studying Judo for any of its multitude of benefits.  Most are interested in several, if not all, of the aspects of Judo.  

Likewise, Judo training is encouraged for men and women, boys and girls, regardless of age, background or physical condition.  It is imperative, however, that the students inform the instructors of any physical condition which may require a modification of their training, specifically including but not limited to chronic injuries or illnesses which may affect their safety or the safety of others.

Instructor- Brian Picklo at the 2008 Olympic Trials